Thursday, December 22, 2011

Auburn Wreath

More gifts...wonder if my Husband's administratvie assistant and receptionist are excited to see what I make them every year for Christmas or making bets on how tacky the craft, lol! Again, found a variation of this on Pinterest, everything came from Hobby Lobby or my stash of supplies. I am surrounded by Auburn-ites living here in the University town, and even though we are Bama fans living in Tigerland, I will support them #2. The bow is made from satin ribbon and will never make it outdoor but I threw this together late at night and Hobby Lobby was closed so this will have to do. It is not glued on, so she can remove it. Working on my gluing the letters on more carefully next time as well. Still the most fun was the rosettes I made with scrap fabrics.

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