Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pillowcase Top for ME!

I made this recently for our annual Mayor's Ball. You can't see in the picture but it is with a full formal length taffeta skirt. The fabric I got online from Gorgeous Fabrics and the chain I feed thru it is from Target. I actually used pattern Simplicity 2590 for women. Not the halter top one but the peasant top with sleeves, instead of cutting out the sleeves, I just serged the cut inner arms and then folded them in and sewed them down to give it all a finished look. The chain has a lobster clasp but it is somewhere in the casing so that the chain looks sewn into the garment but it is not otherwise I could not have gotten it over my big forehead, lol. I had plans to tuck the top in a balloon it out but when I got the fabric it was more sateen than slinky, luckily last minute i had the belt and Mike liked it better! This all was so easy I could definately do alot of these...now I just need to tone up those arms! Thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Double Circle Initial Design

I have done quite a few of these for customers, really cute, classic and since it does not have full monogram it can be used for other children with the same initial. Design by MW+, font is Gregory.

Anchor Tee

Got this design from SewForum, the designer asked to use it on her business website, i was so excited! This is the 2nd of these i have done for customers. Tee is crocs brand, shorts are from target, they are like Soffe but made for boys.

LSA tee

Well, you can tell I did this in a hurry, its crooked, but who can tell ona moving child! Luckily it was for my child and not a customer. This is just a Target tee with Ashley's school (LeeScottAcademy) initials on the front for her to wear to one day in the first week of school. The font was a freebie and did not work as well as I wanted so I might look into purchasing one next time.

Ladybug Dress

I have made 8 of these and they are so much fun! Ordered the fabric from Somewhere Sewing online, the houndstooth is from HobbyLobby and the monogram is monogram wizard plus software, i added the ladybugs from a freebie somewhere.

Tab dress

I made a tab to go on this otherwise boring A-line dress. One side has Ashley's initials and the other just an A, that helps with resale or I can pass it down to my sister that has two younger girls, Adolyna nd Anna Jamyes!

Knitted Top Dress

The knited top was made by a friend of ours, Brenda. Ashley picked out the fabric for the skirt.