Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ashley PAYNE Hilyer picture

Here is Ashley in her purest 'Payne Stewart' form! This also was our Christmas card this year. I made the pants the rest was store purchased. The fabric from the pants...a childs dress from Goodwill!

Annual Alabama Outfit 2009

Target tee with my applique. Made these pants with some fabric from Grandma's stash and houndstooth from Hobby Lobby.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Costume 2009-Cheerleader

Lee-Scott Cheerleader. This little number will serve double duty when we can use it next year at cheer camp! All fabrics from Opelika Sewing Center. I think pattern is Simplicity. I know this pattern was more hard than the Elvis costume of 2007!!! I cut out a size 4 and then added my own darts. Then I had to add darts to the darts! Let's just say...I nearly cussed. Ribbon is from Hobby Lobby for the hairbows. Shoes are from JCPenneys.

Cars Birthday outfit

Of course we have been an all 'Cars' themed life around here since she saw the movie (thanks Aunt Ginger) in 2008. So she had a cars party when she turned 5 in September. This was the little outfit I made. Red top fabric is from Grandma Peggy's stash and the brow/tan Cars theme fabric is from Walmart in Auburn. the ribbon thru the top is not ribbon but actually a long tie made from the cars fabric.

Animal Kingdom Outfit

It was too hot to wear the pants on the Disney trip so she wanted to wear it to her first day back to school from Disney...however it was chilly...but she insisted. This is a Walmart tee, I added the fabric angel wings and made the pants, all fabrics from Hobby Lobby. Zebra bows to match, ribbon from Opelika Sewing Center. It is hard to tell but this is a mickeyhead with a safari hat on.

Disney Clothes

With Pooh-Cars themed pillowcase top, fabric from Walmart and Hobby Lobby. This fabric sadly faded...the downfall of WallyWorld fabric!
With the Cars Mickey ears on and her little turtle Squirt-this is a red pillowcase top with e cutout of cars fabric with Speed in a rectangular applique (MW+). It has matching pants but it was way to hot to wear them so we purchased these shorts to wear, they too are Cars theme.
With Goofy-you can't see this but it is an aplique of a little asian gilr with mickey ears on (Nobbie Neez designs), a tee from Target and the pants are made with fabric from Kids Closet our local Smock Shop. Sadly that fabric faded some too with washing. But it is ultra soft.
Red polka dotted dress, forget where fabric is from, martha pullen aline, reversible until i put the mickey applique all the way thru.
Navy button shirt-I sewed these buttons, whcih made the tee very heavy abd added a little bow to make it a wee more feminine. the pants are from Gymboree. Sorry you can't really see the buttons, but they are in the silhoette of mickey head.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pillowcase Top for ME!

I made this recently for our annual Mayor's Ball. You can't see in the picture but it is with a full formal length taffeta skirt. The fabric I got online from Gorgeous Fabrics and the chain I feed thru it is from Target. I actually used pattern Simplicity 2590 for women. Not the halter top one but the peasant top with sleeves, instead of cutting out the sleeves, I just serged the cut inner arms and then folded them in and sewed them down to give it all a finished look. The chain has a lobster clasp but it is somewhere in the casing so that the chain looks sewn into the garment but it is not otherwise I could not have gotten it over my big forehead, lol. I had plans to tuck the top in a balloon it out but when I got the fabric it was more sateen than slinky, luckily last minute i had the belt and Mike liked it better! This all was so easy I could definately do alot of I just need to tone up those arms! Thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Double Circle Initial Design

I have done quite a few of these for customers, really cute, classic and since it does not have full monogram it can be used for other children with the same initial. Design by MW+, font is Gregory.

Anchor Tee

Got this design from SewForum, the designer asked to use it on her business website, i was so excited! This is the 2nd of these i have done for customers. Tee is crocs brand, shorts are from target, they are like Soffe but made for boys.

LSA tee

Well, you can tell I did this in a hurry, its crooked, but who can tell ona moving child! Luckily it was for my child and not a customer. This is just a Target tee with Ashley's school (LeeScottAcademy) initials on the front for her to wear to one day in the first week of school. The font was a freebie and did not work as well as I wanted so I might look into purchasing one next time.

Ladybug Dress

I have made 8 of these and they are so much fun! Ordered the fabric from Somewhere Sewing online, the houndstooth is from HobbyLobby and the monogram is monogram wizard plus software, i added the ladybugs from a freebie somewhere.

Tab dress

I made a tab to go on this otherwise boring A-line dress. One side has Ashley's initials and the other just an A, that helps with resale or I can pass it down to my sister that has two younger girls, Adolyna nd Anna Jamyes!

Knitted Top Dress

The knited top was made by a friend of ours, Brenda. Ashley picked out the fabric for the skirt.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adolyn's gifts

These are for my new niece, Adolyn. The floral fabric is Michael Miller and the polka dots is Amy Butler. The rest are Hobby Lobby. The lamb in front of cross was a mess, it was all too dense , ran out of thread color twice and never got it matched up, just didn't care after about 6 needle breaks. I will use the design alot more tho. Some of the designs are Embroidery RN (sheep) but I did my own wording in MW+ and Embroidery Boutique (three crosses, A applique & lamb w/cross), the 'iPoo' is from Embroidery Garden. The cross was three different designs in one package but I put them together in 1 design. the ruffles on the bottom of tee is just ribbon, gathered and sewn on. The 3 crosses tee is for her big sister Anna Jaymes!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ashley's Honor FLight Welcome Home dress

My FIL came home from the WWII monument trip saturday night. Friday nite I made this quit pillowcase pattern dress for Ashley to wear. Poppa Louie was in the Navy so the anchors were perfect. The fabric is from my Grandma Peggy that she purchased somewhere, probably a yard sale or the Goodwill!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eric's Gifts

A few gifts for a newly expected baby for a friend in my CBS class from all of us. I love the feel of the minky dot (yellow) fabric but after you pull it thru the cotton fabrics are always wrinkled! And if you iron the blanket the dots iron out. The burp rags- The Au one is MW+ font and the diamond font is from my machine. The E is from ERN but my machine did not like that thin satin stitch and I ended up going over it with my machine. The Paw is also from ERN, love it! And the E in the paw is from MW+. Its Great.... quote is a freebie from Sewforum, my chine also didn't like that small font, next time I will make my own, even tho her creation of font is so cute. The blanket design is by ERn, her sheep but I redid the font in MW+ so I could bold up the stitches. All fabrics are from HL.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Egg Pillowcase dress with a

Fabric from Grandma Peggy. I am not a fan of pillowcase dress with ties on shoulders but this ribbon was too pretty to hide in the back. I think I will add some trim around where the egg fabric meets the aqua fabric. The font is Exact from MW+ software.
Anyway, it is too big for her for this year. But since I put only the 'A' I can pass it down to Anna Jaymes and the smaller version I did for this year (shown inother post) can be passed down to Anna Jaymes sister (not yet named publicly) and they will have matching dresses, sorta.

Bunnnniiiieee Peasant top & shorts

The jellybean fabric and teal fabric are from Grandma Peggy. This is my first stab at the peasant pattern, very easy. But I will probably have to removed the lower elastic for it to fit Ashley again next year. That bunnnnniiiiieeee is sew cute. He is a dark purple that matches one of the jellybeans. he is also from and that is the name of the design.

Chocolate Bunny, Yummy!

Made two of these, one for DGD Kinsley and one for my niece, Anna Jaymes. Shirt from Target.

Easter Egg Outfit

More fabric from my Grandma Peggy. I tried to make the shirt to kinda match. the egg design was a freebie, not sure where. Nothing worng with the pants, my dress form distorts them a little. I did another of this in several options and purple for someone else.

Fringe Flower top

Have no idea where the fabric came from, luckily I have some orange shorts that match it. I got the fringed flower design from
It needs some touch up, fringed designs can be tricky.

Dolphin Applique Top

Top for Ashley. Not sure where I got the Dolphin design. I am going to venture into sewing with knit and make her some knit shorts to wear with this.

Yellow Eyelet Top

Another pillowcase dress top with fabric from Grandma Peggy's material stash. it is a very old linen like yellow eyelet fabric sewn over some seafoam colored solid browadcloth. When the two are overlapped it gives the whole top a green look. the ribbon ties in the back.

Easter Egg Pillowcase Top

Fabric from Grandma's stash. It is the cutest Easter egg basket and flowered fabric. this is a pillowcase top, started as a dress but I cut it too short (Ann Brown warned me about that!) It ties in the back, which is much easier than to shoulder ties. I am thinking about a turqouise monogram?

Golf Ball Monogram

I love this design! The free tee is from SewForum. But I made the monogram in my MW+ software. This is Ashley's oufit, she loves those bermuda shorts. And her golf shoes are black and white it will look so cute. Maybe they will let her on the course with a non collared shirt, shhh.

The Bunny, the Bunny, ooh I love the Bunny...

Sorry, Veggies Tales joke...

Cheap Walmart fabric. Bunny is brown cord fabric from some pants I made for a friend of mine. Free design is from Sew Forum. And this fabric is much more muted than the camera makes it appear. My camera just does not like pinks.

Butter dress with paisley A

Yard sale purchase, though it is a homemade dress, I did not make it. It had a 'B' on the front, I picked it out and put the oval with an A on it. I love this paisley fabric from HL. The font of the 'A' is from MW+, called Monogram Script.

Go Dawgs! (Opelika High School, not GA)

I put another wording design on this tee in a hurry last year and it was messed up but the tee was new so I threw it in a drawer to redo something on it. Thus, my bulldawg in a square! I would not have had to do the square but as I was picking out the old lettering I cut a dime size hole in the tee...
She will wear this to high school football games next fall. I can't remember where the design came from, but it was not free.
I didn't add the OHS wording or anything b/c this will most likely be passed down to Kinsley, DGD, who is a GA bulldog fan.

Ladybug add on designs

I purchased these super cute dresses at Walmart (yes, Wally World) but I can't leave anything plain, so I added the ladybug. The ladybug is from Tyme to Stitch designs.

Jackson's Tee

Another tee for Heather's son, Jackson! I think font is circle font (yeah, name of it makes no sense).

Cowboy Tee

Fabric from HL, frame by MW+

Siblings tees

These are matching tees for my BFF Heathers children, Jackson & Lauren. Seersucker fabric provided by Heather, font is from MW+, caroline font.