Saturday, March 28, 2009

Egg Pillowcase dress with a

Fabric from Grandma Peggy. I am not a fan of pillowcase dress with ties on shoulders but this ribbon was too pretty to hide in the back. I think I will add some trim around where the egg fabric meets the aqua fabric. The font is Exact from MW+ software.
Anyway, it is too big for her for this year. But since I put only the 'A' I can pass it down to Anna Jaymes and the smaller version I did for this year (shown inother post) can be passed down to Anna Jaymes sister (not yet named publicly) and they will have matching dresses, sorta.

Bunnnniiiieee Peasant top & shorts

The jellybean fabric and teal fabric are from Grandma Peggy. This is my first stab at the peasant pattern, very easy. But I will probably have to removed the lower elastic for it to fit Ashley again next year. That bunnnnniiiiieeee is sew cute. He is a dark purple that matches one of the jellybeans. he is also from and that is the name of the design.

Chocolate Bunny, Yummy!

Made two of these, one for DGD Kinsley and one for my niece, Anna Jaymes. Shirt from Target.

Easter Egg Outfit

More fabric from my Grandma Peggy. I tried to make the shirt to kinda match. the egg design was a freebie, not sure where. Nothing worng with the pants, my dress form distorts them a little. I did another of this in several options and purple for someone else.

Fringe Flower top

Have no idea where the fabric came from, luckily I have some orange shorts that match it. I got the fringed flower design from
It needs some touch up, fringed designs can be tricky.

Dolphin Applique Top

Top for Ashley. Not sure where I got the Dolphin design. I am going to venture into sewing with knit and make her some knit shorts to wear with this.

Yellow Eyelet Top

Another pillowcase dress top with fabric from Grandma Peggy's material stash. it is a very old linen like yellow eyelet fabric sewn over some seafoam colored solid browadcloth. When the two are overlapped it gives the whole top a green look. the ribbon ties in the back.

Easter Egg Pillowcase Top

Fabric from Grandma's stash. It is the cutest Easter egg basket and flowered fabric. this is a pillowcase top, started as a dress but I cut it too short (Ann Brown warned me about that!) It ties in the back, which is much easier than to shoulder ties. I am thinking about a turqouise monogram?

Golf Ball Monogram

I love this design! The free tee is from SewForum. But I made the monogram in my MW+ software. This is Ashley's oufit, she loves those bermuda shorts. And her golf shoes are black and white it will look so cute. Maybe they will let her on the course with a non collared shirt, shhh.

The Bunny, the Bunny, ooh I love the Bunny...

Sorry, Veggies Tales joke...

Cheap Walmart fabric. Bunny is brown cord fabric from some pants I made for a friend of mine. Free design is from Sew Forum. And this fabric is much more muted than the camera makes it appear. My camera just does not like pinks.

Butter dress with paisley A

Yard sale purchase, though it is a homemade dress, I did not make it. It had a 'B' on the front, I picked it out and put the oval with an A on it. I love this paisley fabric from HL. The font of the 'A' is from MW+, called Monogram Script.

Go Dawgs! (Opelika High School, not GA)

I put another wording design on this tee in a hurry last year and it was messed up but the tee was new so I threw it in a drawer to redo something on it. Thus, my bulldawg in a square! I would not have had to do the square but as I was picking out the old lettering I cut a dime size hole in the tee...
She will wear this to high school football games next fall. I can't remember where the design came from, but it was not free.
I didn't add the OHS wording or anything b/c this will most likely be passed down to Kinsley, DGD, who is a GA bulldog fan.

Ladybug add on designs

I purchased these super cute dresses at Walmart (yes, Wally World) but I can't leave anything plain, so I added the ladybug. The ladybug is from Tyme to Stitch designs.

Jackson's Tee

Another tee for Heather's son, Jackson! I think font is circle font (yeah, name of it makes no sense).

Cowboy Tee

Fabric from HL, frame by MW+

Siblings tees

These are matching tees for my BFF Heathers children, Jackson & Lauren. Seersucker fabric provided by Heather, font is from MW+, caroline font.

Lauren tees

This is for my best customer, Heather. We do lots o' swapping! These tees were for her daughter, Lauren.

The brown toile background fabric is from HL, the font is a freebie from Sewforum by designer Hollypops!

The hot pink (tho the camera makes it look like an ugly orange) tee, with HL fabric provided by Heather has Hollypops font again.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Elvis Costume

This just might be my best creation, certainly original. I searched and searched for supplies...double knit polyester in cotton candy pink was not an easy find! I decided to keep it for her to pass down some day. It was the most fun we have ever had at Halloween.

Ladybug Outfit for Girls Reunion 2007

This is Ashley in hers but I made a version of it for her Chinese girls too. I just elongeated thiers to make a tee dress and didn;t do the pants.

Alabama Outfit 2007

Valentine Outfit A 2009

Made this for Ashley to wear to school on Thursday when they give eachother their Valentines...too bad this is the south and you never know the weather, it was 70 degrees!
Sweatshirt is a consignment sale find, design is a freebie from San Francisco, fabric from Hobby Lobby.

Hello Kitty Tee

Ashley had a Hello Kitty themed birthday party so I made this tee for her. I used fleece felt out of the craft department instead of fabric and it pills badly, ooops.
Vintage tricycle...from my mother to Ashley=) Cool huh?

My Goodwill find!

Found a golf skort skirt at goodwill store that was a pink and aqua toile print of a girl golfing. Loved it but it was not my size. But I saw life in it and more importantly...fabric! So I used it to make Ashley a pair of capri pants. Then I got a tee to match and added a golf themed applique.

Minnie top & zebra pants

This is for a cute little girl named Charlotte, we love her too.

Hot Pink pillowcase with floral top

I made two of these for someone else's children. Fabric is HL and design is Hollypops.

Frosty Tee

I saw this design idea from a local friend Faye.
I used MW+ for the lettering (kid font) and got the frosty from SF (fivestaranita) viewtopic.php?f=16&t=73150&p=630846&hilit=snowman#p630846 and put them all together with Embird!
The shirt came from a consignment sale or store, i forget which b/c i shop at both all the time. And I made the pants with fabric from local mompop store.

Sew Lifted idea...but are they not all?

Copied from a set I saw for sale somewhere...Tee from Target and old pair of jeans. Fabrics from HL

Toile Pillowcase Outfit

Wore this to the clubhouse for Thanksgiving!
All fabrics from HobbyLobby.
Shortened pillowcase dress to be a long top. Design is from my Monogram Wizard Plus, just added ERN's letter A in the middle. The pants are capri. I just love toile and had to use this fabric on something!

Turkey Tee

My computer was down and I did lots of sewing and them when I got embroidery machine access back I did all the designs or normally i would be last minuting it all, lol.

Loved this HL turkey fabric but it seemed too busy for a top and I am tired of doing A lines! She loves these pants, they are wild!!! (Get it...wild turkeys...)

Anyway...the ribbon turkey idea was a friends of mine (gooo Jenna!). She made them for her children but with a different turkey design. Her turkey had legs and was a filled design. I now see why hers worked better. But I had seen this turkey I used here on SF (viewtopic.php?f=16&t=64960&hilit=turkey) and wanted to use it. But really it was not big enough to use all the ribbon behind. The blue ribbon did not get sewn down fully and I had to go back and tack it in but it all ended OK. I am such a perfectionist that it is not even enough for me but she loved it. Luckily for me, it does not take much to ooh and aah a 4 yr old!

BTW-the tee is a yard sale buy and it had something already ironed on it (for a boy) and I just put the turkey over it. I love to upcycle!!!


Go Dawgs Dress

Gotta get your Dawg on! Opelika High School Dawg fans, big time here.

Go Dawgs made with MW+, paw print form ERN.

Ladybug Outfit

Ashley picked out a design from my five jillion and I found pants to match.

Golf Ball Tee

I got these pants at a consignment sale but they were too short. I can't remember which but they are some very expensive brand (one which I would never pay retail for,lol). I loved this pink plaid fabric from HL so I added it as ruffle. and then got a tee from Target and added the golf ball (not sure where i got it) and her name.Font is Uniblock from MW+

The Lord is my Shepherd Tee

Ever since I discovered Embroidery RN's wonderful creations I wanted to do this sheep design, it is sooo stinkin' cute! And it worked great b/c this shirt was leftover from last year, it has a slight grease stain and the design covered it, yippee.The pants are a pajama bottoms purchase from consignment sale, I think they are Childrens Place. they were too pretty to sleep in so I cut some off and added a ruffle (fabric from HL). All the colors went so well, and my daughter loved it!

Asian Toile Outfit

I got this fabric at Hobby Lobby and loved it. I wanted to do something bigger but needed a specific outfit for something in august so i threw this together quickly one day. The bamboo design is from EmbroideryRN (my fave designer!) but I added my daughters initials with my Embird. I could not find the exact blue tone in the asian toile fabric and it was driving me nuts (I won't even settle for close, I'm OC). I wanted to do the design over a blue of the same in the circle applique but since i didn't find that EXACT blue I just used the back side of the toile fabric.The jeans are last years that were too short, I added cuff and a bit of stretchy velvet ribbon trim also from HL.The pattern is Martha Pullen A line, I just shortened it to use as a shirt. Hopefully I will find a perfect blue (yeah right) or brown turtleneck so she can wear this into winter.

Halloween 2008 Stuff

Purple Outfit-add on spider to current outfit, spider is made with preprinted 'eyes' on fabric over covered button for the spider body base And the legs are corkscrew grograin ribbon legs.
Monogram Pumpkin-Made my own design with EG's partial pumpkin face design and making the monogram part in my Monogram Wizard Plus and putting them together in Embird. The black pants were size 8 capri leggins i got at a yard sale (from Old Navy tho) and with my serger I altered them to size 3 to fit my little one as pants!
Reversible A Line with green pants-This is a Martha Pullen A line pattern. Now here is where it gets interesting. I did the pattern until you get to the point of sewing the bottom together. I sewed (is that correct English?) the sides together leaving that bottom still open so I could get to the two fabrics and did the applique spider (embroidery garden) that is 'hanging' from black rickrack (you can't see it in pic). then I made a ruffle with my new ruffle foot (that I love) and put all three (outer fabric, inner fabric and ruffle) together. then i made the initials (a and h) on green fabric to match the green fabric I purchased last year at our local mompop store. The font is from my machine. I did covered buttons but wanted to use it on both sides so I hand sewed a big black flat button to the covered button, put button holes on with embroidery design (embroidery garden) then the double buttons (in no way connected to the dress) just goes thru both buttons holes (both front and back straps have buttonholes for a total of four done). Did that make sense? you never see the black button, it is just to hold on the covered button, that you see when you wear either side. After I take the dress off i put the buttons in a trinket box to wash the dress. i can now use them for other dresses!The fabrics of the dress came from HL. Spider side of dress shows the black button, but it is worn with green button sides only.

Ghost Tee- the ghost body is Ashley's foot print, we actually made this tee in 2007, but this year we got the jeans to set it off. Yes, she is still wearing size 24 mos jeans at age 4, I just added the ribbon to add her growth length.

God is with me tee shirt

In CBS (Communuty Bible Study) the children's program has a new bible verse every few months. This was the first one of the year. It made it easier for her to memorize it. 'God is with me always.' Matthew 28:20

Bible Study First Day Back in Fall

Ashley loves CBS and had to have a new outfit! I purchased the pants at the consignment sale but made a top to match. The embroidery on the front is from a very generous friend (Embroidery RN) and I put it on in a hurry but it is very cute, it says, FROG (fully rely on God).

and I of course threw that bow together too...gotta have a matching bow!