Friday, March 6, 2009

Sewing back in the 20th century

1. (1999) (navy with dots) This was for SGD Hannah, simple Aline with fabric from Grandma Peggy's stash.

2. (1999) Can you tell I purchased the Martha Pullen applique book! This was my first machine zigzag applique, hand cut all the little pieces. This was back when I actually read and followed book/pattern instructions. It was a booger and thus learned many years later why no one should have to applique by hand and I purchased an embroidery machine. This too was for hannah, SGD.

3. (2000) More for my friend Kathy in exchange for scrapbooking supplies. This is a jon jon (allens) with a smocked traffic jam scene.

4. (1999) Confederate flag, request by a family member and proud redneck of the in laws. I thought it was very tacky but I did pretty good to have done it all without a pattern.

5. Another Martha Pullen Aline with her hand appliques. The coconuts on this tree were cute little brown buttons. And more fabric from Grandma's stash.

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