Friday, March 6, 2009


1. (1999) Gift for a neighbor's newborn. Fabric from stash and I homemade the baseballs and used a special stitch on my old sewing machine.

2. (2004) Cousin's son gift, MP jumper pattern.

3. (2000) Request by DIL for Hannah's room, baby quilt. My DIL provided the mini quilt squares, looked to be prerpinted in some cheap Walmart faux quilt squares in awefil pastel colors. (Hey, I just do what I am given) I ironed on white fabric (presoaked in a printing fabric solution) onto wax paper then printed the picture on the paper. Cut the photo squares into the sizes needed and carefully removed the wax paper backing. The seams didn't come out to my specifications so I added tiny pink rickrack to cover all seams. This was my second quilt, not enjoying quilting at all.

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