Monday, March 16, 2009

Halloween 2008 Stuff

Purple Outfit-add on spider to current outfit, spider is made with preprinted 'eyes' on fabric over covered button for the spider body base And the legs are corkscrew grograin ribbon legs.
Monogram Pumpkin-Made my own design with EG's partial pumpkin face design and making the monogram part in my Monogram Wizard Plus and putting them together in Embird. The black pants were size 8 capri leggins i got at a yard sale (from Old Navy tho) and with my serger I altered them to size 3 to fit my little one as pants!
Reversible A Line with green pants-This is a Martha Pullen A line pattern. Now here is where it gets interesting. I did the pattern until you get to the point of sewing the bottom together. I sewed (is that correct English?) the sides together leaving that bottom still open so I could get to the two fabrics and did the applique spider (embroidery garden) that is 'hanging' from black rickrack (you can't see it in pic). then I made a ruffle with my new ruffle foot (that I love) and put all three (outer fabric, inner fabric and ruffle) together. then i made the initials (a and h) on green fabric to match the green fabric I purchased last year at our local mompop store. The font is from my machine. I did covered buttons but wanted to use it on both sides so I hand sewed a big black flat button to the covered button, put button holes on with embroidery design (embroidery garden) then the double buttons (in no way connected to the dress) just goes thru both buttons holes (both front and back straps have buttonholes for a total of four done). Did that make sense? you never see the black button, it is just to hold on the covered button, that you see when you wear either side. After I take the dress off i put the buttons in a trinket box to wash the dress. i can now use them for other dresses!The fabrics of the dress came from HL. Spider side of dress shows the black button, but it is worn with green button sides only.

Ghost Tee- the ghost body is Ashley's foot print, we actually made this tee in 2007, but this year we got the jeans to set it off. Yes, she is still wearing size 24 mos jeans at age 4, I just added the ribbon to add her growth length.

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