Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sew Beautiful Swimsuit

This is the toddler swimsuit that is in the Sew Beautiful magazine this month! I love, love, love it! And even though Ashley is nearly 6, she is petite and can pass this off...I hope She does not like it, too many frilly things but is happy it is blue. It is my most favorite thing I have ever made. It is blue seersucker (Hobby Lobby) with monogram script font on the MW+ software. Sorry no pictures of her in it, never know who is watching!

Dinosaur Crazy!

Well, it was bound to happen and I don't care that they left but Ashley has fallen out of love with CARS the movie. And is onto Dinosauuuuuurs. This are much easier to find because they are not copywrited! I decided since she grew 3" in 1 year to wawit and see if the craze stuck before making anything. So I made a few spring items and several summer items. Pretty dinosaur fabric is far and few. But I did find some for her trek to the Mobile Explorium with my parents to see the Dinosaurs exhibit. That is the one with fossils. She loves these.