Friday, March 6, 2009

Sewing at the turn of the century

These are some old things I did for others. The only pictures I have of those have since been scrapbooked and that is why they are all on one page photo.
1. (2002) The blue jon jon with sheep is something I did for a friend of mine, Kathy in a swap for some scrapbook stuff.
2. (2003)The far right is an Easter dress for my SGD, Hannah, the angel wing looking sleeves are actualy leftover curtain trim from soem of my grandmothers eyelet kitchen curtains.
3. (2003) Her sister Taylor in her Easter dress of that same year, her fabric is lavendar gingham.
4. (2000) Pink tiny roses dress I did for Hannah, this fabric was leftover from my stash that my grandma Peggy had given me. I remember having outfits of this same fabric!

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