Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eric's Gifts

A few gifts for a newly expected baby for a friend in my CBS class from all of us. I love the feel of the minky dot (yellow) fabric but after you pull it thru the cotton fabrics are always wrinkled! And if you iron the blanket the dots iron out. The burp rags- The Au one is MW+ font and the diamond font is from my machine. The E is from ERN but my machine did not like that thin satin stitch and I ended up going over it with my machine. The Paw is also from ERN, love it! And the E in the paw is from MW+. Its Great.... quote is a freebie from Sewforum, my chine also didn't like that small font, next time I will make my own, even tho her creation of font is so cute. The blanket design is by ERn, her sheep but I redid the font in MW+ so I could bold up the stitches. All fabrics are from HL.

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  1. Cute stuff. I sew alot but recently purchased an embroidery machine. It is so much fun.