Thursday, December 8, 2011

7 Day Kitchen Tile Grout Cleaning Experiment Day 4

Today's experiment of ingredients are: lemons (or lemon juice) and baking soda. The directions did not give amounts but by day 4 I know I do not need more than 1/3 of a cup of anything for the small cross section. So I used 1/3 cup of baking soda and enough lemon juice to make it slightly pasty and a little runny. This got my lowest total yet, a 2 out of 10! While it fizzed a little when I added in the lemon juice that was the most excited I got. This took lots of elbow grease and it did the least amount of its own work so far. Back to Day 3 and Day 1...They are looking better daily so I decided to mop with hot water to make sure I got out all of the white substances (baking soda mostly) still on the surface and giving me a false outcome. It looks like they just got better on their own and it was not build up. Guessing maybe I should wait to judge after an hour or more.

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