Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Wreath

Ok, not really been sewing lately since Ashley went to wearing uniforms. Then I discovered Pinterest, the land of to-do lists! Now I have this craving for wreaths, one for every month maybe. I had already done a mesh wreath for Halloween (wasnt worth photos) without a tutorial so cant wait to do another different Halloween one for next year.
And burlap (jute) is the new wreath fabric craze for outdoor wreaths. I found this wreath:
and decided to try it. I am very happy with it. I used a straw wreath form (kept the plastic on for less mess) then wrapped it in black burlap, hot gluing on the back side every few wraps. Then I wrapped the wood letter (.79 at hobby Lobby) with Jute string/twine. That was no easy feat! Get letters with simple edges. That 'H' was aweful, glue, glue, glue. My husband said the H was crooked, but that was suppose to be that way, i like it and I am the only one who needs to like it!
Then I found this cute houndstooth barrette at Hobby Lobby and since we are Bama fans, I decided to go with a fall/football wreath. The red button is a fabric covered button (old craze of mine), i just glued it on. The pumpkins were out of a mixture set from Walmart, I painted them red, they were cheap orange. The pine cones came from that too.

Now the bow, that was gonna be a bugger but the floral lady at Hobby Lobby helped me. I wanted to buy some burlap ribbon (with wire) but there was none to be found in a small town. I got red burlap fabric cut and cut it in 3- (4") strips as long as the fold over of the fabric. I made one loop with one, one loop with the other and the bow knot with the last. (find any bow tutorial on that one) I made the bow but it was very droopy. The girl at HL suggested I stuff the four loops with store bags, inside out so the print wouldnt bleed and the plastic would not stick like newspaper. Then buy floral spray that stiffens, it is over in the floral department for $4.99 a can! I sprayed it 3 times and it stiffened it very well. A 35 degree night in the garage might have helped as well, or not. tada! I finally made something on Pinterest! But I think I need to read some photo taking tutorials cause this photo needs work.

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